Customized Dynamic Balancing

Shake'd Technologies, Inc has the exclusive capability to virtually eliminate vibration in a single action using the Customize Dynamic Balancing ( CDB ) unique solution. CDB- AH64 is a dynamic solution, that requires no additional research or development. The technology can be modified and applies onto various platforms. This process goes one-step further than simple vibration data collection and actually provides a solution to reduce aircraft vibration dramatically. CDB has been successfully used for 3 years with impressive results. Shake'd Technologies stands ready to provide additional data and a proof of technology demonstration to illustrate the dramatic effect CDB can have on rotary wing fleet.

        Shake'd Technologies is presently in negotiation stage for development and modification of the CDB application to CH-53 platform as well as to CH-47 Chinook. The development requires special attention to the current aircraft vibration related matters, its data history with regards to malfunctions in the drive train, the fuselage and other critical points. Additionally our development team takes a hard look on aircraft safety, actual components life time and fleet readiness impacts.

        The development process takes approximately six months and the team works with minimum impact on daily operations and maintenance process of our partners.

        Our proprietary unique technology can be modified to other rotary wing platforms, we recommend to every rotary wing fleet owner or responsible personal to take a hard look on our CDB technology, its benefits and consider a teaming development with Shake'd Technologies, Inc. Click here to request more information about our teaming development proccess.