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Different Ways Of Problems Solving

Leaders in technology

Our company is comprised of inventors, engineers, doctors of science, and business people who, together, bring more than five decades of academic knowledge and on the ground experience in the rotary wing aviation field. Our leaders are among the most successful and sought after in the business today — and for good reason. We hire only the most talented people, nurture their development with extensive training and challenging work assignments, then set aggressive goals.

We are committed to exploring new ways of using and applying emerging technology so that new cutting-edge ideas and technological processes are brought to the marketplace. At Shake’d, we embody the concept of birthing an idea — seeing it in one's mind, and then committing to the necessary steps of research, development and investment to bring about its fulfillment.


Dedicated to Excellence

With unwavering determination and vision to build for the future, Shake'd Technologies was founded in 2005, and has since evolved into one of the industry's most creative players in our technology segment. We are committed to setting tomorrow's standards in aviation improvement. Inventing also takes insight. It may begin with questions, doubt or a hunch. At Shake'd, the process may begin by recognizing that something unusual or accidental may be useful or that it opens a new avenue for exploration.

Our clients are our best assets and we always like to satisfy a client’s need, try to solve a problem or make something better, asking what if, or wouldn't it be great if. We raise new questions, new possibilities, evaluate old questions from a new angle, which requires creative imagination in order to mark real advancement and bring something new to our clients.

Dedicated to Excellence.
To provide innovative technology solutions to the aviation industry, by accepting the clients needs and interests as our own.

Shake'd Technologies Core Values