From decades of operating rotary wing aircraft, the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, as well as many civil manufacturers and operators of helicopters, have learned that one of the biggest enemies to sustained flight operations is vibration. Rotary wing operators worldwide have borne the cost of dynamic component failure long before predicted time before overhaul (TBO).

To date, many solutions have been derived to capture vibration data in an attempt to predict useful life of dynamic components. However, none of these solutions actively reduces aircraft vibration and harmonic resonance. Shake'd Technologies has developed an innovative process--Customized Dynamic Balancing (CDB)--to virtually eliminate the detrimental effects of vibration and harmonic resonance, thereby reducing operating and support (O&S) costs and increasing both aircraft availability and logistics supportability.

CDB is used successfully by an international fleet of rotary wing aircraft and has achieved more than 3 years of proven performance with a 14-percent increase in operational readiness and other impressive results. The CDB computer kit analyzes this data to determine the specific solution for each individual aircraft. This solution will nearly eliminate the harmonic resonant vibration in the drive train. Using one system (CDB kit) each aircraft is custom balanced as a unique, individual unit within its own vibration profile.

CDB is a proven technology that requires no additional research or development and it is easy to implement to current maintenance process.

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