Shake'd Technologies Inc, has the exclusive capability of this process and has developed it in such a way that is flexible to work with other friendly vibration monitoring solutions in the marketplace today. Depending on our clients' needs, Shake'd can modify its systems to integrate and work with current and future planned systems.

CDB can be integrated with health usage monitoring systems. Our engineering department can work with manufacturers of these systems, define the integration requirements and develop a path for a seamless integration solution. The capability CDB provides takes health usage monitoring systems a leap forward because CDB goes far beyond passively monitoring aircraft vibrations; CDB discerns the root cause of a particular platform's vibration related issues and provides a dynamic solution to significantly reduce high frequency resonant vibrations.

Essentially CDB creates a custom solution for each individual aircraft according to its own unique vibration profile. CDB takes an active approach in that it defines a vibration profile and uses the collected data to resolve the issues.